Blogging Reboot #40

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

Way back in 2006, I set up a family blog back on Blogspot…then it became blogger. I thought I was so slick that I figured out how to email photos from my little Motorola phone directly to the blog. It was pre-facebook and was just trying to find a way to share pictures after I had my son who was due in early 2007.

I migrated from blogspot to blogger then to self-hosted WordPress. Then, I set up other WordPress blogs, found a blogging community. Then got on Facebook, went back to work full time, and forgot about blogging. One day I got a notice that my old Picasa pics were being lost on my old blog. Like I forgot about the old blog. But, I realized I missed having a tidy way to look up old posts.

So, here is to trying to reboot the old blog again. With my favorites from 2017.

Added Note: I initially wrote this last week, but in the process of relearning WordPress, I broke the entire blog. Like broke it. I had to go restore a backup and I lost everything! But, I had a copy of the new posts in my blog reader. Thank you technology that I don’t really understand.

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