Lesley’s Binge TV

Photo by Sven Scheuermeier on Unsplash One of my New Year’s resolutions was watching less TV and I’ve been doing pretty good so far. But, my 2017 was filled with some quality TV bingeing so at least I can put my obsessive TV watching to good use. Amazon The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (we are currently

Ty’s Art Portfolio

Ty agreed that he wanted a place to share his art. Art is one of his favorite classes at school and he asked for art classes for Christmas. Our family gave Ty money for his art classes and we found an incredible art school based on his school art teacher’s recommendation. Click on over to

2018 Ski Season Kickoff

We’ve gotten season passes to Winter Park and Mary Jane ski resorts the last several years. We usually average about 10 days a season, but we did much less last year. Ty and I set goals for this year to shoot for 20 days!! All under the guise of New Year’s resolutions and having more

My GoodReads

I’d noticed a few Facebook friends and favorite bloggers that use GoodReads to track their books – what they want to read and what they’ve read. I decided to get into the action since I can never read enough! I’m still digesting these after the last week. Hillbilly Elegy was a really provocative book and

2018 New Year’s Resolutions

I know that New Year’s resolutions are about the most useless things ever. But, I like to write down my intentions anyway. It’s up there with buying back to school supplies. Like shiny new notebooks and pencils. Reduce Booze 🍷 More 🛏 sleep – Quality Sleep Limit 📺 no more TV bingeing (okay, reduce it)

Blogging Reboot #40

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash Way back in 2006, I set up a family blog back on Blogspot…then it became blogger. I thought I was so slick that I figured out how to email photos from my little Motorola phone directly to the blog. It was pre-facebook and was just trying to find a

My Cali Coast – SF to SLO

Photo by Brady Frieden on Unsplash When I hear that friends are traveling to the West Coast, I immediately start giving my unsolicited advice. My friend, Heidi, will be road-tripping from SF to LA while following her husband, Aaron, as he does the AIDS fundraising ride. These recommendations are for Heidi, but also for anyone

My New Orleans

Here is my list of recommendations for New Orleans: Galatatoir’s – old school New Orleans – you can go late at night – and split entrees Domenica’s – This is the John Best Italian restaurant in the Roosevelt Hotel. They used to have a great happy hour (and food) from 3-6 Emeril’s in the Central

My San Francisco

Photo by Changyu Hu on Unsplash Although we moved back to Colorado after 9 years living in San Francisco, I still get excited when I get to go back for a visit or when I hear of friends traveling to the Bay Area for vacation. I was just about to email someone with a list