Meet the Andersons





Oops – just realized this was really out of date. Guess it’s time to update/edit!

If you got here, then you probably already know us well. Here we are…

Tim, otherwise known as the Big T or Timmy, is a Landscape Architect. He is currently a traveling fool and is spending most of his time in Hong Kong and China. When he’s not in China, he’s working on endless house projects and chasing Ty (the little t). Thank goodness Tim is no longer traveling to Asia every two weeks a month! Now, Lesley is the one traveling a lot for work after returning to work full time for a large non-profit healthcare organization.

Lesley is the holder of useless information, overly attached to technology and gadgets and loves making lists. She has become “that” lady who scours vintage stores and estate sales looking for the perfect vintage bargain. Okay, I don’t have that much time for vintage shopping, but I still love thrifting and vintage hunting.

Ty is the Golden Child and is currently running Tim and Lesley in circles. Ty lives LARGE every single day. Ty is STILL the Golden Child at almost 11, still running us in circles, and is now attached to electronics at every opportunity. Thank goodness he also loves adventures and is my main ski buddy. He also is a big reader like me.

The Anderson’s are currently living in Englewood, Colorado (right outside of Denver) after living in San Francisco for nine years. (We’ve now been back in Colorado for 9 years – the same length of time we lived in San Francisco). The Anderson’s are desperate to enjoy the amazing Colorado outdoors after working on a historic restoration of a 1950’s Mid Century Modern home ( Yea, we haven’t done too much work on our house in a while. Between work and wanting to just be outside, it’s hard to be motivated. 

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