New Buddies

We’ve been getting together for neighborhood playgroups. Thankfully, one of the neighbor moms is far more motivated than me and organizes things.

I just liked how Ty and his little buddies had a little indoor picnic at my coffee table.



December Fun

We’ve had lots of fun lately. Ty went roller-skating for the first time. Ty discovered pay phones on a downtown street, which he had never seen before. I got a rare pic of the two of us, too.

December2010 Collage


We need a dog

I think we need a dog. Ty is really comfortable around our dog friends and we can’t wait to get a dog. Here is Ty with my mom’s dog, Zoe. She’s a long haired Dauchaund mix. Maybe next spring we can get a dog?

Ty with Zoe


We Need Snow

This has been the strangest winter I’ve ever experienced in Colorado. While the mountains are getting lots of snow, we are bone dry here in Denver. But, we are ready for the snow. Tim/Santa chose an inflatable tube for sledding for Ty. Ty insisted that Tim blow it up today and he’s been dragging it around the house and laying on it any chance he can get. He wanted to put it in the bathtub tonight. He even put it up on the couch with me and then proceeded to lay on it with his blanket. What a goof.



Santa Claus was really good to us

This Christmas was especially fun this year because Ty finally got into the excitement of everything. He loved having his own Christmas tree and all of his own fun, collected ornaments. He loved Christmas lights and decorations and even welcomed the visit with Santa this year.

This year was filled with construction and monster trucks, Toy Story characters and legos. Ty is really easy to please. And he didn’t notice how badly Santa wrapped his presents this year!

Christmas2010 Collage

We had lots of fun this year. We played at the local Bass Pro Shop with Ty’s friend, Charlie. We got to spend our first Christmas back in the house after moving back in this year.


Ty’s 2010 School Picture

I still need to hand out a few of these to family, but thought I should post this before I forget. I also need to find Ty’s Christmas pictures with Santa.


Merry Christmas from the Grinch

Just love this picture from Tim’s work party. I wonder what the Grinch said to him.


Putting Ty to work

Ty is at that age when he wants to help us with everything. It’s pretty cute. Our neighbors’ daughter had this play lawn mower, but she abandoned it after the bubble maker stopped working. Oh, but Ty loves it! Anytime Ty hears Tim out cutting the grass, Ty grabs it and starts “helping”.



Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010 was eventful. Ty finally wanted to actually trick-or-treat. He wanted to dress as Buzz Lightyear and I went a little overboard on the costume. Just trying to live up to my sewing/crafting legacy.




Dinosaur Ridge

We took an impromptu field trip on Saturday to Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison. Tim kept talking about it, but we had no idea what it was. Well, it was the most awesome $4 spent on a guided tour ever. We saw dinosaur tracks, and fossilized dinosaur bones. Ty is sitting in the FORMER location of a dinosaur track. The dinosaur track fossil was actually chiseled out and STOLEN many years ago.